Dubsado Consultation

Set up your systems with the help of a Dubsado Certified Specialist, book your Strategy Call:

Dubsado Consultation

Set up your systems with the help of a Dubsado Certified Specialist, book your Strategy Call:

Hey coach, I get you...

😖 You’re struggling to get your work done and with things all over the place, it feels like your process is just not serving you or your clients well. 

😫 You’re spending too many hours creating proposals and writing the same emails over and over again.

😩 Your plate is so full that working 7 days a week seems the only option to get through the admin work you don’t enjoy doing. It feels like you’ll never get to do the fun stuff your clients hire you for.

Well darling, don't panic... we got you!

You can...

Do It Yourself

And book a consultation with a Dubsado Specialist to get you started

Done For You

Get a Dubsado Specialist to do everything for you in a day 

CRM Systems have the potential to improve your efficiency and reduce your stress, so ask me anything about:

We work with all-in-one business management suite for small business owners and we adapt 100% for your coaching needs.

Form & Templates



Project & Client Management


Reporting and much more.

How it works

We have our discovery call so you can show me more about your current situation such as:

  • What you’re expecting from Dubsado
  • Your questions you have prepared for your consultation
  • Current used tools and how you can use Dubsado to replace them

The call is 60 minutes long, so if you have any missing questions you can email them tol within 24 hours.

In the meantime, I’ll send you some complementary Loom videos with something we were unable to fit in our call or that I needed to research a little longer along with our call recording.

This way you can revisit any time!

Take the leap like them!



We know switching from one platform to another can get a little overwhelming, so we’d love to make the process easier for you.

We can review your current CRM to make sure the new one can accommodate your current processes or make recommendations on how to optimize your processes/workflows.

While we have graphic designers, that service is not included in CRM systems in a day. You can reach out to us to get started with your branding first.

Copywriting is not included in the package. However, we have an amazing copywriter focused on high converting copy for you. Win-Win!

If you don’t provide the copy for your canned emails we will provide basic copy that can be edited in the future by you if you like.

Don’t panic! That’s what the strategy call is for. We will learn form your business and propose what systems and client journeys can be part of workflows.

🔥 My skillset

🧰️ My favorite tools

🧡 Client love

🔥 My skillset

🧰️ My favorite tools

⚡️ Client experience

🧡 Client love

Tired of writing and sending those onboarding emails over an over again?

Why don't you automate the process?

How to onboard your clients in your sleep

Get my detailed blueprint on how to automate your onboarding process