People love information.  If you give them something interesting to read, you can direct them anywhere you choose.  Your selling power will experience an increase more than you thought possible.

You are offering quality products or services that you want to sell to the general public to add quality to their lives.  The problem is that if the competition is saying the same thing, what will make them choose you?


That is where your wording comes into play.  Have you ever read a book and could picture the scene just by the descriptive words on the page?  The words made the book come to life.

That is what you will do with the right words.  These words will influence the reader to take a look at your website and also to buy or sign up when they get there.  These influential words are not just limited to ad copy but can be used throughout your website content and page headlines like a trail of breadcrumbs until they find your product and make the sale.


What are these words?  Well, the words vary depending on what you are selling.  You want to create a picture with those words of a place or situation that includes your product or service.  Once you’ve created the picture you can begin weaving in words that will have a hypnotic effect on your customers.

To create that picture, you need to know a little something about grammar and sentence structure.  As a writer, or if you hire a writer to do the ads, they will need to be familiar with these two things.

Most people read at an eighth-grade level.  Big words or long sentences will cause them to yawn and lose interest.  Keep your sentences short but powerful. Use as few words as possible to get your point across.


Choosing the right words is like a commercial filled with subliminal messages.  It could be a word that appears in several places within the commercial or an action that the actors keep performing that transmits a message to your brain.  A sweaty brow could make you feel hot or desire a cold drink or a new air conditioner.

What you don’t want is for the customer to figure out what you are doing.  It is misdirection as much as persuasion. You are creating a scene that gets the reader to feel certain things while sprinkling in words that will lead them to you and your product.  By doing this, when you get to the point where you tell them to visit you and buy, they are ready and eager to do it.

One way to find the right words is to examine other successful businesses and see what they do.  What are their “right” words and how do they use them? If you are good at persuasion, choosing the right words for your customer base will bring in the sales you seek.

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