There is no shortage of books about entrepreneurship.  Just visit and you’ll find that there are many thousands of titles available.  But all books on starting a business are not created equal.

Women entrepreneurs are making great strides in the business world.  This trend has resulted in numerous books geared toward them. Here are a few must-reads for the entrepreneurial lady.


The Chic Entrepreneur:  

Put Your Business in Higher Heels by Elizabeth Gordon and Leanna Adams – The Chic Entrepreneur is an entertaining guide to building a successful business.  Full of case studies and illustrations, this book is easy to read and understand. It covers topics such as choosing a niche, attracting great employees and marketing your business.


The Woman’s Advantage:  

20 Women Entrepreneurs Show You What It Takes to Grow Your Business by Mary Cantando – Would the advice of twenty successful female entrepreneurs help you grow your business?  Then this book is for you! The Woman’s Advantage features stories of women who have overcome adversity to become owners of lucrative businesses. But these stories do not simply serve as inspiration.  Each one highlights a specific strategy that can help women succeed in business.


Business Capital for Women:  

An Essential Handbook for Entrepreneurs by Emily Card and Adam Miller – Obtaining funding for a business venture can be a huge obstacle for female entrepreneurs.  This book details everything a woman needs to know to get the money she needs to start a business. From borrowing money from friends and family to finding an angel investor, Business Capital for Women provides step-by-step information to help you get the funds you need.


The Mary Kay Way:

Timeless Principles from America’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur by Mary Kay Ash – Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, was one of the best known and most successful women entrepreneurs ever.   In this book, she shares her management and marketing philosophies. Popular among independent beauty consultants, The Mary Kay Way also provides lots of helpful information for all types of entrepreneurs.


The Accidental Entrepreneur:  

The 50 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Starting a Business by Susan Urquhart-Brown – Here is a story that a great many entrepreneurs can relate to.  The author jumped into starting her own business head first, almost on a whim. In this book, she shares the mistakes she made and what she learned from them.  This is an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans alike.


These books and others like them are great for entrepreneurs who are just getting started, as well as current business owners who want to take their businesses to the next level.  By reading what has worked for other women, you are investing in your own success.

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