Grow your coaching business, stress free. faster. efficiently. pain free. hands free.

Do It Yourself

Consultation or Strategy Session with a Dubsado Certified Specialist

Feeling lost on where to begin with setting up your CRM system, or unsure of your next steps with your Dubsado account? Let us help guide you through the process and get you on track to maximizing the benefits of these powerful tools for your business.

Online Business Management Consultation

Work with a skilled right-hand (wo)man to strategize your business operations and establish effective systems, while you focus on your strengths and talents. Let us help you streamline your workflow and achieve optimal productivity.

The Coach Shop

Are you ready to take your coaching business to new heights?

We've got you covered with everything you need to uplevel and elevate your coaching game.

Done For You

Business Management

Imagine outsourcing your business day to day operations without worrying your growth or mission would be compromised.

Graphic Materials for Coaches

Get top-quality branded graphics will set you apart from the competition, boost your sales, and ultimately, increase your revenue.

Virtual Assistance

Work with a professional right-hand (wo)man to streamline your business operations, maximize productivity and achieve your goals.

CRM Systems in a day:

The signature VIP day from Dear Coach for Dubsado, Go High Level and Honeybook.

Ready to automate your business processes and onboard your clients pain free?

Then this is for you. 

Smash your To-Do list in a day

Full day dedicated to you & your business with your right-hand super (wo)man for all your tech and administrative needs.

Sales Funnel
in a week

Convert your leads into clients in your sleep by providing valuable content to your audience. 

Buil your sales funnel from top to bottom in a week to launch your course!

🔥 My skillset

🧰️ My favorite tools

🧡 Client love

🔥 My skillset

🧰️ My favorite tools

⚡️ Client experience

🧡 Client love

Tired of writing and sending those onboarding emails over an over again?

Why don't you automate the process?

How to onboard your clients in your sleep

Get my detailed blueprint on how to automate your onboarding process