Business Management

Work with a right-hand super (wo)man to handle your business operations while you work on your zone of genius.

Imagine outsourcing your business day to day operations without worrying your growth or mission would be compromised.

Hire an Online Business Manager to scale your business, get your things done and grow without breaking the bank.

Here's what you can get when you work with us:

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#DreamTeam to help you with:

  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics (for Social Media, freebies, workbooks) 
  • Copywriting and Content repurposing
  • Funnel Strategy, Design and Setup
  • Web design and Blog Management
  • CRM strategy & Setup
  • Automation set up
  • On/off boarding of clients
  • Daily customer support
  • Course setup and management
  • Project Management
  • Personal Assitance
  • General admin

Why a Business Manager instead of a Virtual Assistant?

Business Managers specialize in strategy and the full scope of implementation. We track growth and streamline processes.

Business Managers provide team members so you have only ONE person to communicate with and your entire vision comes to life.

Business Managers can acclimate to current team members and keep up with training, organization, and team performance so your business is always running in alignment with your standards and vision

Meet us!

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Are you ready for the support you were looking for?

Starting at usd $400 for a 10 hour package

Questions? We have answers...

You totally can! (You can learn about our VA services here)

Or you can bring on a team, for not much more of an investment, and have access to not only a VA (without having to train her or managing her work) but also other fantastic professionals without having to manage them all! You will only have one business manager to contact and we will manage the rest for you. 

That looks different for each client or business but we will estimate a minimum of 10 hours a month depending on your needs. 
Don’t worry, we will meet and estimate how much time would be needed, also we’re flexible with the packages or you can do a pay as you go package. It’s a win for you!

You don’t. But we prefer long term commitments so we can make sure we understand your business, processes and we can grow together. That’s why we’re here!

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🔥 My skillset

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🧡 Client love

Tired of writing and sending those onboarding emails over an over again?

Why don't you automate the process?

How to onboard your clients in your sleep

Get my detailed blueprint on how to automate your onboarding process